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Patio being laid over pipes?

I have a rainwater pipe in my garden that leads to an open grid which also has my washing machine and dishwasher waist going into the same open grid. I'm having a new patio laid and the builder is doing a good job. However, I have come home from work this evening to find that the waste pipes from my kitchen are going to be buried under the patio. The pipes are just standard waste pipes that will when the patio is laid over them come out of my house, down the wall and then under the patio into the drain (which is being raised in line with the level of the patio.)
Can you tell me please if the pipe should be on top of the patio as it has always been or if it should be under the patio? Thank you very much for your advice.

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It should be under but if it works and you don’t mind it there, what’s the problem 😅


Answered 6th Feb 2018

It’s preference really the quality of standard waste pipes are pretty good so it shouldn’t be a problem in them being buried under the patio plus there out of the way


Answered 8th Feb 2018

Building Control will require any drainage pipe below ground, be it waste or rainwater, to be in designated 110mm below ground pipework. The "open grid work" you mention, which I assume is a gully, should also be raised to suit new finished patio level. Standard white 32mm / 40mm waste pipes are not designed to be used under ground.

I am concerned you are raising finish ground levels so check that your new patio is not being raised so as to compromise your dpc level, external hardstanding / ground levels should be kept 150mm below the dpc course in which case it should not have an impact on your existing drainage.


Answered 10th Feb 2018

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