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Repair leaking flat roof? builders put a new flat roof on the extension to my property in glossop.

builders put a new flat roof on the extension to my house in Glossop in March 2011.He guaranteed the roof against leaks for 10 yrs. Within 8 months the roof started to leak very badly and is causing a great deal of damage to the ceilings,etc.I have been asking billy to repair /fix the roof for the past 4 weaks.He has tried to do a temporary repair job with a sealant but this has not worked.I have left him about 15+ telephone messages over the past 2 weeks.He has not returned my calls or let me know if and when he will fix the leaking roof.
Should I contact Trading Standards and get an honest,reliable builder to fix the roof or should I wait for BMH to repair roof? Bearing in mind that a lot of damage is being caused in the interim by the rain .I believe that the flat roof was not connected properly to the side wall of the main house in the first place.Please advise Thanks.1/1 /12.

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Billy hasnt done the roof properly if its leaking.
Contact Trading standards, no use getting Billy back again. if its a felt roof rip it of and fit a rubber epdm roof, 20yr gaurantee.


Answered 3rd Jan 2012

Hello faragibbs,

After 2 week's, I would suggest you get it repaired by another roofer. It will just cause more damage the longer you leave it. Your original roofer may well be avoiding you, or he might on holiday, be in hospital etc. Difficult to know why he's vanished, but if he's guaranteed the roof, obviously he should pay for the repair.

Take lot's of photo's of the damaged ceilings etc and ask the new roofer to assess the problem and take photo's. If you still haven't heard from BHM contact trading standards about the guarantee and the amount of the repairs etc.

Kind regards



Answered 3rd Jan 2012

You'll be pleased to know, Billy is alive according to facebook - contact trading standards. He has written that his own roof is leaking :)


Answered 8th Jan 2012

a roof should be fit for purpose and if he offered a 10 year warranty he should honour it good luck


Answered 20th Jan 2012

If he has offered a 10 year guarantee he should honour it, I would send him a letter stating what the problem is and asking him if he’s gonna sort it out by the end of the month if not further action will be taken. If he doesn’t reply have a copy of the letter that was sent and call trading standards.


Answered 24th Jan 2019

No reputable roofer worth his salt would ever use a "paint on sealent". I'm guessing this guy was cheap, honestly in my opinion get yourself a real tradesman, because if he does reply, you don't need whatever botch up he will do next, sorry to hear about your problem, but unfortunately there are scoundrels out there in all trades, get it fixed properly before it all has to be renewed, hope this helps


Answered 18th Apr 2019

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