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Moist/wet bricks on gable end of property.

Hi, I have just bought a repossessed property which had been empty since March 2011, with no central heating etc running in the house until 18/12/2011. It is a semi-detached house and the gable end side of property, all the bricks seem wet and moist compared to other properties in the area. I have viewed the home report and there is nothing in there to say there is damp of any sort. Could this be due to the cold weather and the fact the house has been shut for many months, with no heating or ventilation etc. Any help will be appreciated.

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If its the outside wall thats wet I wouldnt worry, check that all the pointing is sound.
If its damp inside, its probably because its been shut up with no heating or ventilation.
You can get a dehumidifier in to remove most of it.


Answered 3rd Jan 2012

Make sure your cappings running down the gables are intact and over hanging the outer wall by a little with a weather drip in them so that rain water is'nt running straight down the wall


Answered 17th Mar 2012

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