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Boggy garden, thinking of raising it.

Our garden gets boggy at this time of year . Thinking of raising the garden , with putting a wall at the bottom with steps going into a new paving area but keeping some of the grass. Would this help? .

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The first thing to look at, I would suggest, is to work out why the garden gets boggy. Ground composition (heavy clay for example) and heavy shade are just a couple of things that can cause water logged areas. Raising the garden may help but the drainage underneath could still be an issue. Looking in to better drainage (a soakaway or French drain) and perhaps digging out and reconstituting the existing ground might yield better results. Some of this would still help when raising the garden as water will still build up in the problem areas.


Answered 29th Jan 2018

Drainage sounds the answer, but if site is heavy clay or very hard compacted ground this may be difficult . Drainage only works if the water has somewher to go . If a ditch or surface drain nearby this may be a possible way to direct water via a drainage system .
If not raising the ground level may work especially if a open stone material is used , this will allow water to soak down in and eventually drain away .
Grass may eventually become mud on very wet sites, best to consider gravel surface or artificial grass laid over a free draining substrate.


Answered 23rd Feb 2018

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