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I recently moved into a Victorian property with an unused fireplace and what seems to be an open Chimney which runs up to the top of the property.

I would like to keep the fireplace as an ornamental area, showing exposed brickwork inside the chimney and maybe place some fir cones or nice silver bark but I dont want to actually fit a real fire. Therefore in order to save on heating bills I want to seal off the actual chimney route to stop drafts and heat escape.

Im not sure if i need to hire a chimney expert or a builder or what I ought to do, please advise?


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First get the chimney swept, you shouldnt seal of the chimney as it needs to breathe and have a good air circulation.
Get a rain/bird guard cowl fitted to top of chimney, this will stop any moisture getting in and allow air circulation.
On the underside of the fire place, make up a frame and fit fire board with a hit and miss vent, this should be left open.
I dont think you will loose any noticable heat.
If you block of completely you will have damp and condensation problems.


Answered 31st Dec 2011

BJD perfect answer


Answered 3rd Jan 2012

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