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Difficulty getting key into lock

Over the past few days I have found that it is difficult to get my key into the outside lock on my front door. Once it is in there is no problem with locking or unlocking, it is just sticking trying to get the key in. (It goes in with a bit of wriggling.)

There is no difficulty in getting the key into the inside side of the lock.

The lock is relatively new, as it was replaced when I purchased the property about 6 months ago. I am in contact with the locksmith who replaced it to see if they have any thoughts, but do not expect to hear back until Monday and am worried about getting stuck outside in the mean time!

Any thoughts or suggestions would be gratefully received.

edit: Ended up getting in touch with the locksmith who fitted it who suggested WD-40 also. Worked like a charm.

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The pins and springs in any lock can seize up not allowing the key to go in. 1 small squirt of wd40 will do the trick and you only need to do this once then insert the key and move it back and forth a few times, this will help the wd40 get into the right places and free the pins. If too much wd40 is put in you run the risk of dust etc getting into the keyhole and mixing with the wd40 which may cause problems in the future. Always use wd40 dry lubricant which forms a film round the pins and does not collect dust


Answered 20th Oct 2018

Determin if it is a mortice lock or a cylinder type. If it’s a cylinder lock WD40 will lubricate the pins to allow the key to enter and turn, if it’s a 5 lever kitemarked mortice lock I suggest the bolt thrower centre I gotta spring has weakened so the cam is preventing the keys entry. The cam needs to be recentred using a thin electrical screwdriver then you can use your key to open the door. Once open call a locksmith to resolve the problem permanently.
Be lucky, Steve


Answered 23rd Dec 2018

The W in WD-40 stands for water, when you put water into metal it causes rust. A better solution is to get a bottle of lithium grease and put that in instead. Does exactly the same thing except it doesn’t cause rust to form inside the lock. Hope this helps.


Answered 29th Apr 2019

Buy WD-40 and spray the lubricant in to the keyhole, wait 20 sec and apply one more time. Then try to put your key, open and close lock few times, then spray lubricant in to the keyhole one more time. You can try to repeat this several times, and if it does not work call locksmith.


Answered 20th Jan 2018

what kind of lock is it ? than I can tell u the trouble


Answered 1st Feb 2018

This is an easy fix, all you need is a small can of WD40 which normally comes with a small red straw. Attach the straw then spray a couple of times in the key way. Next you can move the key in and out to see if this does the trick.


Answered 17th Jan 2020

Best to use GT85 then wd40, as wd40 can gum up the springs as it is more off a degreaser than a lubricant. GT85 It’s just a better product really. When you have sprayed in the lock (key hole) spray some on the key too and insert it multiple times to help loosen and dirt in the cylinder


Answered 15th Apr 2021

This all depends on what lock it is. I wouldn’t recommend WD40. GT85 or 3-1 oil would be better.


Answered 31st May 2022

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