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That's my garden. It's about 5.5 sq metres X 9sq metres

I want to have a better landscaping, but I don't know what I want specifically. So where to start ? A Design software which might have main landscaping features ? If so, any recommendation please?
or should I invite professional garden landscapers and discuss with them?

Thanks in advance

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Hello, not sure on what software available, but I imagine you've got a rough idea what you'd like.
1st thing budget is what I always look at as you can spend whatever you like having a budget enables you to price materials within the budget.
What is the garden used for planting socialising etc would you like it low maintenance?
Is the garden south facing ? Where does the sun hit throughout the day this can help determine where to position patios, plants etc in the end it all comes down to your taste and what you can afford.
Good luck I hope you find inspiration and make the garden of your dreams.


Answered 20th Jan 2018

Have a look on the likes of Google with a search term of something like 'garden designs' or 'small garden ideas'. You could also look at Pinterest which is great for this kind of thing.

Have a note pad to hand and make a note of things you like and dislike.

When you have some ideas start to scribble your ideas on paper.

Then you can start to look at getting people in to make it happen.

No matter what your ideas, you will be able to afford it if you don't mind waiting while you save up. Many landscapers will be happy to work through things with you and offer you ideas and thoughts.

Looking at the image I'd have a small sunken seating area and a raised deck to break the levels up.

If you can let us know where you are I am sure people will be happy to come for a chat, I certainly would if you are in mid-south wales.


Answered 20th Jan 2018

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