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Damaged ceiling

The previous owner nailed loft boards to the joists, resulting in ceiling damage in my son’s room. The plaster is cracked or raised in places. Is it possible to remove and patch the damaged parts or will the whole ceiling need plastering. I’d like to avoid a total replaster as the room has recently been decorated.
Thank you.

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It is certainly possible to repair particular areas of a ceiling by cutting out the ceiling areas in question and refitting plasterboard to fit the cutouts. This can normally be made good with a product like 'EZ Fill' and rubbed down. You would then need to paint the whole ceiling to ensure a good finish.
However, it sounds as though for the best finish you should consider reinstalling the ceiling's plasterboard and plastering throughout. Something to consider.


Answered 19th Jan 2018

Sounds like yoube got some screw/nail pops, so yes if the cracks and patches are small take out the loose and over fill with easy fill once cured and dry sand flat.


Answered 19th Jan 2018

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