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Is quicker better?

I'm looking to get a floor sanding job done at my house. I'd originally expected the job to take 3 days in total, but have been told that it's possible to do everything in 1.

From how it's been explained this would be via using industrial equipment such as those used in business premises, and also through using quick drying products.

Is this feasable? And would the job be to the same quality as a 3 day job?

Additional Info - The total area is 25m square. Repairs done to boards already and nails punched in.

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Hi David

It normally takes 2-3 days, for one man to do a top job on an average sized room... This depends on the condition of your floor really, does it need any repairs, de-nailing or refixing first, then there is the sanding, hoovering and cleaning the floor prior to finishing...then you have drying times between finish coats, light re-sanding between coats etc etc

I would think the preparation would be rushed...unless your floor is in excellent condition to start with...or two men are doing it.

Additional info update...

If you want a top job that last's, it will take more than 1 day. You could do it in a day, it will look nice but the quality won't be there. Sorry to be so blunt.

Answered 30th Dec 2011

Rebel Carpenter

Member since 24 Sep 2008

Hi David,

This all depends on how big the floor is, preparation required i.e. making sure all nails are below the surface of the timber, filling gaps inbetween floor boards and how may coats of stain/varnish is to be applied.

Sanding with even the best industrial drum and edging sanders will leave dust in the air, this will need to settle and hoovered up, you dont want it to land on fresh stain/varnish if you want to seal the floor as soon as it has been sanded make sure windows are open and the floor is being swept and hoovered

even quick drying stain/varnish will need a few hours between coats.

A room based on 4m x 4m with minimal preparation can be done in a day this is with only 1 coat of stain/varnish though.

Personally I would suggest 2 days minimum, 1 day would be a real push and I woudnt expect top results. 3 days then there will be lots of tea breaks to draw the day out.

I hope this helps


Andy, Aura Carpentry

Answered 30th Dec 2011

Aura Carpentry

Member since 9 May 2011

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