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Top floor radiator not heating

Anonymous user 16 January 2018 - 11.06 PM

Update: We had a heating engineer out and they identified the problem as the TRV valve being faulty so replaced it and we now have heat! Thanks for all your advice. We have turned off all other radiators at both valves leaving only the top floor one on. Still no heat! Ive also checked and the TRV valve and it’s not stuck. It’s driving me crazy now! The radiator on the top floor (3rd) of our house isn’t heating up at all. We had our boiler engineer out to have a look who said it was likely to be sludge in the system. We then cleaned the whole central heating system out followed with an inhibitor. This seemed to solve the problem as it was finally starting to heat, however a day or two later it wasn’t working again. We repeated the process and again, the same thing. Heat for a day or two and nothing since! All other radiators are heating perfectly. Is there anything else we could try ourselves as the thought of paying for a professional power flush isn’t appealing?! Thanks!

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you could try turning all other rads off by the rad valves and leave just the problem one on and see if that works but as AJs suggest it my need balancing ok let me ask a couple questions but i am sure your boiler engineer has already checked 1 is the system open vent or is the boiler a combi 2 when the heating is on does the copper tails leading to the rad get hot and if so do they get hot every time now the reason i ask both questions is first if its an open vent system and not pressurised then it may be you keep getting air blocks in the pipes leading to that rad but if you have a combi boiler then the system wont have air locks because its under pressure secondly if the tails get hot up to the rad every time you put the heating on then it is simply the rad and if thats the case then just change for a new one if the tails are not getting hot then you have an issue in the pipe work running to that rad but a bit more back ground info may help me to make a more educated guess hope it helps


20 January 2018


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AJ's Bathrooms
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Hayling Island

your central Heating System needs Balancing


17 January 2018