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Rain leaking into my 1930s bay

My house is a 1930s town/terrace house with a tiled bay window. When it rains the water leaks into the bay from the main wall cavity above. I can't find anyone who is able to find and cure the source of this problem. Spent a small fortune now and funds have dried up so I need some free advice so I can see if I can do the job myself.

I think the problem may be a couple of redundent exhaust vents leftover from an internal wall mounted heater. Bay window roof has been fully renovated.

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If its coming in through the cavity wall above the tiled bay you need cavity trays fitted.
To do a simple test, remove a couple of bricks just above roof line and see if the cavity shows signs of damp.


Answered 30th Dec 2011

Hi probi19

What you need to do is check all the lead flashing if fitted, as there may be just cement if no lead flashing. If this is all intact and looks good, you will then check all the tiles on top of the bay.Have the tiles been off to look deeper into the problem.
You could take a hose to one corner of the bay of the roof and work your way across. It's a shame that no one has help rectify your problem, as I know these things can be a pain to resolve. It is normally something simple in the end.

Hope this helps

Trevor & Mike


Answered 30th Dec 2011

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Answered 30th Dec 2011

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