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Internal wall insulation

My house is a mid-terrace with solid walls and is in a conservation area so internal wall insulation is the only option.

Loss of space is my main concern so I'm looking at aerogel insulation to get the best u-value to sq. ft lossed ratio possible. Is it possible to remove the plaster on the walls before applying the insulation and plasterboard to reduce the space loss further?

It should meet building regs as the aerogel I'm intending on using has an incredibly high insulation value.

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thats a big job to undertake as plaster is only thin it would be different if your walls were rendered then plastered as this could be 1" thick ever so i would first test how thick it is to brickwork and then consider if its worth it


Answered 29th Dec 2011

Are you sure your aerogel insulatin will meet building regs as once you remove plaster from external walls you will need to bring them up to current regs!



Answered 3rd Jan 2012

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