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Best tool/product to remove thick artex from walls?

The house I've just bought is smothered in Artex. Its thick, looks like with whipped cream with swirls and peaks. Its all over the walls! Up the stairs, landing.. halllway... :(

I've had it tested for Asbestos and luckily its negative. I now want to 'smooth' it off a bit in order to prepare it for the plasterer. I've tried my cheap little steamer but it had zero effect. This maybe as the artex has been painted over a couple of times and the steamer is not getting through.

I am a complete DIY novice and I'm thinking maybe an industrial sander, or steamer? But what type? what features should I ask for?

My only saving grace is that I don't have to move in yet, so the house is empty and mess is not a big drama.

Any suggestions would be greatly received.

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to remove artex from a wall use a good steamer and scrape it off

Answered 29th Dec 2011


Member since 16 Dec 2011

If your plasterer knows his stuff,you wouldn't need to 'smooth' it off for him!

Answered 28th Dec 2011

carl melady

Member since 1 Jun 2008

Best tool for knocking the heavy points of is a heavy duty floor scraper, or even a garden spade.
You dont need to knock it of completely smooth, and no need to sand it.
The plasterer should have told you how to do it.

Answered 28th Dec 2011


Member since 29 Oct 2008

large heavy duty stripper will be solution.

Answered 28th Dec 2011

Provini Trades

Member since 10 Mar 2010

razor scraper from b&q... find it in the decorating section

Answered 28th Dec 2011

Premier Projects

Member since 16 Nov 2011

hi, your better off buying a "Spear & Jackson Floor Scraper" or something along those lines, its bassicly a pole with a big stanley knife blade, it will take the spikey artex and bumps off, then to smooth over id use a cheap sander, think you'd be looking maximum of spending about £50

Answered 29th Dec 2011

hames building contractors

Member since 28 Dec 2011

There is no way to get it off really it just has to be plastered over as it is. Sometimes if it is too thick it will need skimming over and flattening first and then a 2 coat skim afterwards... Your plasterer should know what to do. He will just go over it with a scraper to get any prominent points off and then pva it a few times. I wouldn't waste anymore time trying to prep it if I were you.

Answered 28th Dec 2011

Wall 2 Wall Plastering

Member since 14 Apr 2010

hi if i was you i would get a plasterer to sort it out for you they will scrape it down bond over it then skim to give you a paintable finsh will take a long time sanding it ect

Answered 28th Dec 2011

c mcmullen plastering services

Member since 1 Mar 2009

Your better off staying away from the property until a plasterer knocks of high points. Pva. Carlite bonding coat. Then skim over top. As its not best to be living there while that dusty type of work is being done !

Answered 26th Jan 2017

O'Donnell Plastering

Member since 23 Feb 2015

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