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Seryver pointed high damp in the internall wall cause shower may be leaking.damp and timber team didn't mention anything about damp.we were suggested to change shower by estate!

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there should be no reason to change your shower tray if it is not damaged .check sealed joints on shower tray and any damaged grout if tiled .a good clean up and reseal normally works


Answered 29th Dec 2011

As the Company Above states usually seal thats the problem and a re grout - silicone dose the job 9/10


Answered 3rd Jan 2012


I would have the shower fitting inspected, depending on your type and how its fitted. Its not unknown for the connection to the shower to leak, as you have also meantioned that there seems to be no issues lower it sounds likea minor leak.
However as Crest has pointed out I would check all the grout for cracks, and the silicone that should run up from the shower tray to the top of the tiles in all the corners.

Hope that helps


Answered 3rd Jan 2012

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