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My 6 year old opal conservatory roof has begun to deteriorate over the last 2 years, half of the 16 panels are "yellowing" at the same time there is also evidence of condensation

Please can someone give advice as to the reason for this problem

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The yellowing is caused by ultra violet light. It could be that there are two different makes of sheet in it or if they are all on the same aspect it could be that they are getting more sunlight. The condensation, if it is between the sheets thats caused by the sealing tape either end of the sheets has broken down. The sheets could be replaced.
David Yell,
David Yell Installations.


Answered 29th Dec 2011

Polycarbonate roofing on conservatories is a product that has a limited life, compared to glass which is an inert product and therefore will require replacing periodically.


Answered 31st Dec 2011

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