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Hard Flooring

Acryllic, latex, or water based compound for floors

But which is better, there's only one way to find out..... ask.

Let me know.

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Latex liquid is synthetic latex emulsion for use with Floor Levelling Compound.
It strengthens the mix and provides a limited degree of movement capability in the sub floor.


Answered 12th Apr 2011

The terms acrylic, latex etc. relate to the type of liquid with which the screed powder is mixed.

If you need to put a liquid dpm down (ie. the existing base is not within moisture tolerance for wood flooring) then you should use an acrylic screed - e.g. Stopgap green bag with '55' before applying the dpm.

In any event the Stopgap 300 will have a higher compression strength than the latex or acrylic screeds.

Hope this helps.


Answered 21st Mar 2011

Latex, is what we would use, but this must be primed before covering, if you are going for hard floors, karndean / amtico i would also consider a paintable Damp proof membrane for added protection


Answered 18th Mar 2011

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