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Garden fence post fix

What is the best and easiest way to fix a garden fence post which is swaying about in the high winds as it seems to be rotten a bit under the ground?

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Your best option would be to replace the post if this is not an option then you could fit a concrete spur which you would dig down the front of the post and concrete about a 3rd of the spur in the ground tight to the post when hard you bolt the spur to the post


Answered 7th Jan 2018

Dig around the post and below ground level a couple of inches to see if it is rotten it could be that it just seems to be but could be fine below ground level. If it is rotten then just replace it because its inevitable that at some point you will need to change it anyway and it gives you piece of mind.


Answered 7th Jan 2018

If its moving about then its best to replace it.
Depending on how it was put into the ground, normally 2 ft of the post is underground but the amount of concrete used can vary depending on post hole size.
I often find it easier to dig another post hole as near to the existing one as possible and put a new post in.
This saves having to break out the existing concrete which if you havent got a " breaker ", can take forever manually..


Answered 8th Jan 2018

A Very cost effective fix for this is to install a concrete spur.
Spurs are set in concrete next to the existing timber post and secured using galvanised coach bolts.
Spurs, if installed correctly will outlive the original Fence and provide a much stronger post that is sure to survive the toughest storms.. Any good Fencer will also provide a generous guarantee for peace of mind.


Answered 10th Jan 2018

A spur is the best way of fixing this if you don't want the expense of a new fence one could even be put either side to give it real strength.


Answered 15th Jan 2018

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