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Drainage problem in a new drivaway

I’m having a drivaway done. We chose the resin that is laid on a concrete. The builders installed the drainage system that is laid along the front wall of the house and the soakaway was build around 1.5-2m from the from door. Today we had a very heavy rain and the water was heavily collected just in front of the entrance,(basically the front of the building was flooded) where water should be escaping to the soakaway. It took 2 hours before the water found the escape. I notified the builders and was told that is a normal situation due to heavy rain. I’m really concerned about having the resin laid. I really don’t trust that my drainage was built properly. Any suggestions what can be done? Many thanks.

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To start with any soak-a-way has to be a minimum of 5m from the house. This should be a crate system called aquacell covered in a geotextile membrane and backfilled around the crate with pea shingle. For every 60 sq m of surface area that the water is being removed from there should be 1 cubic m of soak-a-way That is normally 5 aquacells. If the area is smaller or larger than this the amount of cells should be adjusted accordingly. He should also of done a test prior to installing the soak-a-way to see if the ground was suitable for a soak-a-way.

He is allowed to run a overflow from the soak-a-way into a rainwater outlet but not into any foul water system. The main criteria is that the soak-a-way has to be at least 5m from any building

Simply tell the builder this needs to be complied with prior to any further work being carried out. Whatever he says don't pay any monies over until you are happy the drainage is working properly. If you want any further info please feel free to get in touch.


Answered 1st Jan 2018

Soak away shouldn't be that close to the house! It should be 5 metres away from any existing building. Definitely hasn't been done properly, plus all depends on ground whether it's clay etc. Test hole should be dug filled with water to see the rate in which the water drains away.


Answered 10th Jan 2018

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