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Is there anything else i can use on my bathroom walls other than tiles?

I am redesigning my bathroom and I am wondering if there is another wall covering I might use around my bath?

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Hi,my veiw not always agreed upon but in my defense ,it leaves the client open to options.
Ok,anything you put on any substrate "wall" will leave a horrible mess behind it when the time comes to take it down,change,whatever.Whether it be wallpaper,tiles and shower wall, it all leaves the wall undefended and in a place like a bathroom,it leaves the wall open to damp,rot,fungi and infestation of insects that thrive off living behind stuff thats damp or wet in turn helping to deteriate your walls.
If you have ever took tiles down then you know the cost of putting those walls back to good.
Myself i would specify a good watertite paint primer undercoat then a damp and fungi sealer paint for a top finish . you could use the Zinsser range or the the Steracryl range from Crown paints which is very good .
Paint, and leave your self options for as many years as you like because you can always change colour at relatively low cost but covering the walls with anything else will cost you in the long run, maybe more than you bargined for.


Answered 30th Dec 2011

hi, you can use a product called shower wall , it comes in many colours and sizes, very easy to install and you can cut it to size, regards shane


Answered 29th Dec 2011

as previously given,panels look great.


Answered 30th Dec 2011

The big problem you get when covering walls arround baths is the problem with the seal between the bath and the wall, usualy finished with silicone sealer. Over time this can wear and seperate from the bath, leading to leaks behind the bath causing damp and the black marks. To reduce the chance of this i allways tank the walls (BAL bath and shower tanking kit) arround the bath, only about 150mm up but use tanking tape to seal the bath to the wall, then install the wall covering over this, and silicone as normal. If the silicone fails now, the wall will not get damp and you will not get any leaks under the bath.
As for different types of wall coverings other than tiles, you can get coloured glass panels cut to any size bit pricey but look stunning.


Answered 4th Jan 2012

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