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Builder paid in full to do the drive, started then just left it in a state, no communication either

The builder was paid by social services to build a 2 storey extension, they gave him an additional 11,600 in Oct to do the path, we've had 2 failed dates, then in Dec he started then just stopped, social services have got in touch with him but i don't trust him, do we still have to use his services, or can we get the money back and use someone else, we are foster carers and the path is dangerous...

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How did the extension go? If this went ok and everything has been inspected and passed off,you might be worrying over nothing.My theory is that maybe he didnt have the time to do the path but at £11600 (this is a huge quote for a path) committed to it anyway.Its a problem caused by social services paying the money up front and its down to them to sort this out.Keep on at them as they have paid for the work and will be as keen as you to see the work completed.As for trust,i think that you are going to have to grin and bear your current tradesman.Social services are unlikely to use someone else if hes already been paid and previous work was ok.


Answered 29th Dec 2011

It sounds as if Social Sevices are the employers and they should get onto the builder on your behalf, most of these problems occur when all the money is paid up front.
They should have at least held back a retention until all works are complete and you have said your happy with the works.
I would suggest contact Social Services again to chase the builders up.


Answered 29th Dec 2011

u can get money back if they did not give a 7 day cool off in wrigthing then trading standerds can get your money back


Answered 30th Jan 2012

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