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Sanding walls before painting


What is the best method for sanding walls in preparation for painting? We have a large area to cover and wondered if it's possible to use an electric sander of some kind (if so what kind?) or whether this has to be done by hand sanding?

Many thanks in advance for any help

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Hi Chris if the area is big it might be worth thinking about having it skimmed with plaster you would get a better finish ? If not then I always think that by hand is better because you can feel for bumps ect where if you use a power tool and the wall is not flat you. Can end up making it wavy when the sun shines down it. Hope this information is useful.


Answered 27th Dec 2017

Hi Chris,

If the wall is flat and you only need to lightly fill/sand it to achieve smoothness, then a pole attachment or handheld sanding pad/block is best for large areas. I would also use a loose piece of sand paper to really get into the corners.

However, if the wall is lumpy or uneven in more than a few places then it is usually easier to skim a 2-5mm coat of plaster on everything first to leave a surface which is ready to mist-coat and paint with little to no further preparation required.

Best of luck with the job!



Answered 28th Dec 2017

Hi there, hand sanding enables you to get into uneven patches although a sanding block is easier to cover more area and even a pole attachment will help cover a large area at a quicker speed although I would recommend a hand sand after.
I would not recommend electric sanding walls as it could create uneven patches.


Answered 28th Dec 2017

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