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We have a ground floor extension which is partially new build and partially built within the existing garage. The original house and its garage was built in 1961. The extension was only completed in Oct 2015. So we most likely have an issue building up due to there not being the correct foundations (for some of it). Is it a viable project, therefore, to build a first storey on top of such an extension without disrupting or destroying what we have already built on the lground floor ? The Intention is to build 2 bedrooms with one en suite.

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Hi, yes you are correct in thinking the existing foundations would not be adequate, however it is still possible to fulfil your wish of extending via underpinning the existing foundations. For a double story extension you are going to require planning permission, while in the process of putting your application together it would be wise to get some structural engineers calculations to show your underpinned foundations will be adequate for the extension. Hope this helps :) Watts Home Improvement


Answered 28th Dec 2017

Best first to ask engineer to have look before you may well be able to build a steel frame to take you up this would then need only to have pads to take framework


Answered 28th Dec 2017

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