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Ceiling collapsed and the insurance company says a bucket of water did not cause the problem?

Lathe and plaster ceiling, if a bucket of water was split would it be possible for a part of the ceiling to collapse.

Please could you let me know if this possible.

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If u have consistent amount of water dripping on ur ceiling from hidden pipes under your floor boards that can cause dampness for plaster board ceiling and can collapse, so yes water can b the cause,u should check the collapsed ceiling if it is damp if not then it is possible that plaster board screws rotted and cause the fall.

Answered 21st Dec 2017

Painter and Decorator

Member since 11 Dec 2017

It would need to be a permanent/long term leak for a ceiling to collapse. Have you had any plumbing work done recently above the effected area. If you have central heating, have you had a loss of pressure? Saturated joists would indicate a long term problem. And it could only be a pin-prick. A pipe too close to the floorboards. A failed coupling. Water can be devastating! Hope you get it sorted!

Answered 21st Dec 2017

The Fixer

Member since 19 Dec 2017

I would say this is possible. A lath and plaster ceiling isnt like a plaster board ceiling in terms that it doesnt absorb the water and then produces the problem through bulging and a water stain. The weight of the water concentrated in a particular area could overcome the (aged)bonding to the joists (pretty thin nails were used)

Answered 21st Dec 2017

Timothy David Interiors

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Insurance will try to find a way to not pay out. Lathe ceilings are a nightmare usually you find they are covered in cracks. To me it seems unlikely that one bucket of water caused the ceiling to collapse unless the ceiling was already loose. I would say check for a leak from a pipe seems more likely and over time the ceiling has absorbed the water and it’s started to come away from the joists. You would notice water marks if you had water damage previous to it falling. If only part of the ceiling is fell I would recommend getting the other part looked at immediately and made safe, there is a fair bit of weight in lathe ceilings especially if there falling from height. Might help your case if you get a Professional out for his opinion. If there’s anything I can do to help let me know. Hopefully you get it sorted.

Answered 21st Dec 2017

C.Q Plastering

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if it was a lathe & plaster lime plastered ceiling it would absorb the water creating extra weight to that section of the ceiling causing a collapse.
without looking at the issue/ceiling its impossible for anyone to say one way or the other what actually happened.
good luck Alex

Answered 22nd Dec 2017

ADR Property Maintenance

Member since 1 Mar 2009

Work in loft conversions 4 many of years and have seen it happen along with rain water getting in to much banging on ceilings the plaster just comes away from the lats can be dangerous to

Answered 30th Dec 2017

S.F. Plastering

Member since 11 Oct 2015

Water can cause lath plaster ceiling to bulge or part of it to collapse as can be down to age weight of lath plaster ceiling is greater then modern plaster board one water adding excessive weight can cause ceiling to pop away from the laths or lath to pop also a bucket of water can cause this I advise get area checked incase any leaks also regards HB5 services

Answered 8th Apr 2018


Member since 22 Mar 2018

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