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What is the cheapest way to get awhat is the cheapest way to get conservatory installed? get a local builder to do i or through a company?

I desperately need a conservatory with limited budget. Can i utilise one concrete shed wall and one living room wall to save money and then i will have to get only two walls build, will it bring the cost down, if i get it done by a local builder after I buy it with this builder`s help?

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You desperately need a conservatory in mid winter?

I would post your job on here, with your budget, a few photo's may be lucky and find a friendly local builder. They should be able to supply a better quality conservatory cheaper than you can get a poor quality one...

kind regards



Answered 29th Dec 2011

Why would anybody 'desperately' need a conservatory?


Answered 29th Dec 2011

my advice is if you havent got the money to do it right wait till you have ,or you are just throwing the funds you have away as it will never be done correctly,there is no such thing as cheap quality ,just cheap crap


Answered 29th Dec 2011

Post your job on here...tell them your budget and size of conservatory, add a couple of photo's and go from there.


Answered 29th Dec 2011

Please don't cut corners. You can use a builder to build the base as the frames and roof are made to suit. Make sure the builder is a good brick layer. Walls that aren't square will make it difficult to fit frames and a roof correctly.
save up untill you can affford it doing right.


Answered 10th Jan 2012

Hi have recently visited a house where conservatory coming away from wall. Foundations sinking, roof leaking and doors won't shut. Do you really really want to cut corners.


Answered 14th Oct 2018

Yes a good builder can help you with this but you get what you pay for if you want something that will last cutting corners is a no no


Answered 21st Mar 2017

Post your job to find high quality tradesmen and get free quotes

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