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Extension over shared drain

I'm considering a side extension on my semi-detached property. The non-attached side of the house connects to my driveway, which runs the full length of the house.

However, in the middle of this area there is an inspection chamber. Within this chamber there are is a 100m stoneware drain, of which there are connections serving both my property and the neighbouring property (on the non-attached side). Because it is shared, my understanding is that it is therefore classed as public drain and thus any works will require water supplier permission, in this case Severn Trent.

Based on prior experiences, what are my options here? Is it possible to relocate the inspection chamber, even if it is serving my neighbours property also? Can it be built over, and a new chamber constructed at a different location?

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Your need a build over agreement from the water company if you build over or within 3 meters of a main drain. Depending on the direction of the flow and position of the soil pipe, will depend if it can moved. Moving the shared manhole can be done if the neighbour agrees, the deeper the drains the higher the cost to move them, especially if they are 2 meters down as some are. You might want to contact the planning department, as some don't allow you to build up to the boundary.


Answered 13th Dec 2017

Surely your need a build over agreement from the water company .


Answered 14th Dec 2017

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