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I have just bought 1933's semi detached house.the roof(vertical tile) is fine it just look too it possible to colour the roof ??

Thanks so much all for quick response.I really appreciated.

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yes you can colour the roof tiles, but with out looking at them to see if it is possible it could be a waste of your money as the tiles may not hold the colour for very long before fading again


Answered 29th Dec 2011

yes their are paints on the market for roof tiles, but the tiles need to be cleaned ,primed under coated and then top coated, by the time you pay for this to be done you would be better of just replacing the old tiles with new tiles, their will be not much of a differance in price

merry christmas alex


Answered 28th Dec 2011

Yes you can.You can paint tiles but i wouldnt bother.The tiles would need to be cleaned,primed and painted and you would need someone to do this as it would not be safe for your average homeowner to get up and move about on a roof.I have never done this but cant imagine its going to be cost effective enough to make it worthwhile.Maybe thats why we dont see many people doing it? In the event of you finding someone prepared to do this,you are going to have to consider your neighbours with regards to colour.


Answered 24th Dec 2011

yes you can do what you want with it after all you did buy it ,it belongs to you now,means you can do what you want within the guidelines of local council


Answered 24th Dec 2011

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