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Roofing guarantee

We have just recently moved into our house. The garage has recently had a fibre glass roof about a year looks like the fiber glass has folded up in various such.tge roof is letting in water...the previous owners has paperwork to say the roof is guarenteed for 25 the roofer under compulsion to fix the problem?

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this you will have to take up with the company that fitted it, like most of these guarantees the manufacturer will issue a guarantee against the material it does not cover bad fitting that down to the roofer fitting it, I tend to find these companies offering long guarantees as a way of securing a job trying to get them to answer the phone to you if things go wrong is a different story, hope your lucky and have one of the good guys.
good luck


Answered 10th Dec 2017

In the domestic world of roofing any idiot can buy and install roofing products and give a 25 year product guarantee. Find out the product and call the company they will probably ask for you to send them photos of the completed work, they will then tell you it is down to poor installation and ask for some sort of report. Then try to contact the roofer when you have the information from the manufacturer to put the work right. For future reference try to find a roofer who mainly does commercial roofing as their work is inspected through various stages of the install.


Answered 29th Dec 2017

The roof should still be under guarantee from the roofer if it is still within the specified date. However, you will need to check that it doesn't state on the guarantee that it is material only or specific to the person on the invoice. If it turns out to state none of the above mentioned, then yes it should still be valid.


Answered 12th Dec 2018

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