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Access to cracked lead flashing when solar panels are on the roof just below

A plumber has recently replaced my heating system and discovered going through the eaves that I have 2 maybe 3 leaking places in cracked lead flashing below my dormer windows which are south facing. How can I safely access the flashing to repair with flashband or similar? The lead has been put on in one large piece, and is not overlaped anywhere to allow expansion and contraction. The panels are the problem. Can a plank be placed on the top of the panels to stand on to do the work? Any other suggestions? Thank you

Sorry, wouldn't be able to get the angle to show you the situation on a photo, and the weather today-agh!

Have had a reply from a local roofer who is prepared to do the job using scaffolding with a platform across. His problem is the weather! Needs the flashing to be dry! Little chance of that at the moment!

Thank you all who have considered my issue-never considered the flashing when we invested in the panels-only thought about the roof underneath the panels!! Your time is much apreciated!

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Hi, any chance you can send us a photo ?


Answered 8th Dec 2017

sorry but it sounds like the panels will need to be removed to allow access, the panels may just lift out without the need for removing the framework holding them in place depending on where they are secured to the trusses.

good luck alex


Answered 9th Dec 2017

hi shirl
the edges of the solar panels is a weak spot so try to avoid them , the panels are only held in place by a few clamps and only take a few mins to take a few off and unplug the dc strings then you will be able to do a proper repair no using flash band


Answered 9th Dec 2017

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