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Boxing in a boiler

Hi there,

I have a large, white combi boiler in my kitchen, and it's hardly an attractive feature, so I would quite like to have it boxed in, except I am conscious that we would need to have access to it for maintanence etc, it is possible to box in a boiler?


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Yes, but you have to make sure there is enough ventilation for the boiler, and that it can be serviced without taking the boxing apart.


Answered 23rd Dec 2011

Yes you can.Most people try to put them in a cupboard the same as the rest of the kitchen units so as not to look out of place.The door on this would allow good access for maintenance.You should check with the boiler manufacturer first though to ensure that space all round the boiler and ventilation etc are within their guidelines.


Answered 23rd Dec 2011

yes but you must have a minimum spacing of 2"all round and have clear access for servicing underneath so i would suggest having a unit with top and bottom cut away just leaving a 2"front rail so as to let the door close onto it .if you could make the unit so it hooks on and off would be ideal.


Answered 23rd Dec 2011

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