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Rightside up for cbp ?

I have just had my driveway paved with random sized 5cm thick CBP. They have been layed with the smooth side down and the (looks like) more porous side up. The spacer lugs extends 3cm up from the smooth surface. While they look better this way up from the colour point of view I would have thought the smoother surface would stay cleaner and be more resistant to wear.
The builder is adamant that he has laid them 'right side up' I do so hope he is right! and would appreciate confirmation.

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Cant really say for sure.It sounds like they are upside down but SOME blocks can be used both ways up.If you chose the block (and know the type and make) call the manufacturer and ask!


Answered 30th Dec 2011

Paving blocks normaly have a smoother back , and a rougher top [better grip in the ice] . A lot , but not all, [ the tumbled type ] have a chamfer on the front face .
The ones that can be laid both ways , are the same on each side .
I would say your builder is probably right .


Answered 3rd Jan 2012

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