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Scaffolding erecting

My floo comes out my roof. It's about 2.8m to my guttering, then a slop of about 0.2m to the floo. Do I need scaffolding erected to replace the floo?

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No just a normal ladder to get up past the gutter and a roof ladder onto the roof called a cat ladder


Answered 4th Dec 2017

You may need a temporary scaffold tower, or you could hire a cherry picker with operator (a service that we supply). Obviously depending on what type of flue you are replacing you might need a qualified gas or HETAS engineer to fit the flue for you.

If you are in the midlands area I can provide you with a quote to hire the cherry picker to safely access the roof.

Thanks, Russell.


Answered 4th Dec 2017

It depends how safe you or the person carrying out the works wants to be! I'm sure you can find people who would be willing to access with just a normal ladder and a roof ladder, but to be carrying out the work safely I would suggest the minimum requirement would be a mobile scaffold tower along with a roof ladder. The person erecting the tower should be PASMA qualified. This isn't as costly as getting actual scaffolding erected.


Answered 8th Dec 2017

You are wasting good money on scaffolding when this can be easily installed using a normel ladder and cat ladder


Answered 19th Jan 2018

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