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Best additional lighting option for artex ceiling

I've got two rooms with just one light fixture in each. Unfortunately the ceilings look like they may contain asbestos so installing new down lights in is out of the question. For say 4 lights in each room, would it be viable to have a (partial) stud ceiling and have 4 halogens feeding off the existing single wire? Any better suggestions?

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Hi, realistically your cheapest option sounds like putting a false ceiling in, by the time you get all the artex removed and then the ceiling reboarded, you my aswell just drop the ceiling, the costings for the lighting stays the same either way, hope this helps!
regards Lee
Volt-Tech Electrical Solutions


Answered 2nd Dec 2017

If it was me I would have someone come to do a test patch on your ceilings first it’s not that expensive and if the test is negative it will be a lot cheaper then false ceilings if you know what you are working with. Thanks


Answered 25th Dec 2017

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