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Will i face problems extending my mid terraced property?

Hi team,

I am looking to extend my mid terraced 3 bed property with a loft conversion as well as an extension to the rear of the property.

Both my neighbours on either side have already completed this work before I bought the house so I am effectively "boxed in" by their extensions already (both loft and rear).

How much will this affect the work I need to do on the property as well as the price? like do I need to work on their walls in order get my extensions built?

Do my neighbours need to agree to this?


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Always a difficult situation but it can be done. You will need an Architect out to design the loft conversion and extension and then you can show the existing and proposal to your builder who can then make a plan as to how he will achieve the build, and give you a quote for the works. They wont charge more for the works because of the neighbouring situation. I would have thought he would do the loft conversion first and then the extension. The neighbours extensions shouldn't be over your boundary so you are within your right to extend the full width of your house with a projection of 3m without planning permission, just building regulations application.

Contact me if you would like more advice or a quote for some drawings.

Good Luck!


Answered 30th Nov 2017

Hi there

You will most definitely need to get a Party Wall Award completed. If you get on well with both neighbours this could cost you very little, but if they both decide they want to have their own surveyor involved could cost you around 1.5k for each neighbour. As you are doing an extension and it is mid terraced you would be able to go back 6m under permitted development and build your loft conversion, but you would still need to get drawings done, Structural Engineers calculations for Full Plans Application with your Local Authority. You may also want to only go back the same distance as your neighbours extensions to avoid any disputes! We can organise the Party Wall Notices for you as well as doing drawings under Design and Build Contract. The Structural Engineer would need to be employed separately but can advise you on several recommendations depending on where you live. Hope that this helps you decide how to move forward.
Price wise if your neighbours extensions and foundations have been built so that you can utilise these then it may actually save you some money. We would be able to advise after viewing the site.


Answered 30th Nov 2017

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