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Water over the gable end

Had old slates replaced with new tiles and breathable membrane. Dry verge system fitted at the gable end (end of terrace)
When it rains, water gets past the dry verge and runs down the side of the house. Asked roofer to resolve. He said it is not his problem. Looking for opinions on whether this is the responsibility of the roofer to cease all water from going where it should not. Have pictures to highlight issue. Also, what remedial work can be done to resolve the issue? Thanks.

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I would think that if the roof leaks then the roofer should sort it out.
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Answered 26th Nov 2017

hi i think it the dry verge system that is not working


Answered 26th Nov 2017

Hi, if the dry verge is fittered proberley the rain shouldn't run behind it. The tiles batten and tile should have 25mm to 30mm over hang once the dry verge is fittered it should sit snug on to the tile and flush up against the gable. To resolve the problem would mean taking it off and checking it is installed proberley.
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Answered 26th Nov 2017

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