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Electric meter cupborad

THanks very much for the responses.

I have a 1920s house with the electrical supply company fuse, supply meter, 2 consumer units and a bell transformer all mounted on a wooden board fixed to the brickwork in the corner of the hallway. The circuit wiring is chased into the plaster and the wooden board is covered by a cupboard that is built around it and fixed to the walls that form the corner. Clearly the board is rather unsightly, but the cupboard is too, its a fairly old and tatty contiboard construction. The Electric installation was checked two years ago and was satisfactory.

My question is what regulations if any now apply to the cupboard itself? If I removed it (which would not require any electtical disconnections) and reinstalled a better cupboard attached to the walls as before would I have to use particular materials, construction etc.

As a supplementary are there any prefabricated cupboards I can buy that are designed to fit a corner in this way?

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As the cupboard surrounding the fuseboard does not form part of the electrical installation it is not covered by BS7671:2008 and to remove or change it does not require any notification under part P of the building regulations.

As other posters have already said, its important that there is adequate space in teh new cupboard and that you can access the fuseboard for future mainatenance etc.

Its also worth using a cable locator if drilling new fixings to avoid drilling into a cable buried below plaster depth in the wall.


Answered 23rd Dec 2011

Just make sure that the cupboard is big enough to allow access to the fuseboard. Don't make it so small that you can't open the fuseboard or unscrew the cover from the fuseboard.

hope this helps.


Answered 22nd Dec 2011

No reason why you can't change the cupboard. Just be careful not to hit the buried cables with any new fixings.


Answered 22nd Dec 2011

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