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Back bolier making awful noise

Hi i have recently moved into a new house and i have an open fire with a back bolier. I had the oil heating on for maybe an hour last night while lighting the fire. When the fire was blazing i heard all this banging so i turned on the back boiler switch. The noise got worse it sounded like someone was inside the wall with a hammer. The noise got worse and i was actually becoming quite frightned so i got a bucket of water and put the fire out. The noise then stopped. Can someone please help.

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It could be a number of causes potentially. Noise from a back boiler unit generally is quite common, and is sometimes described as kettleling. This coulb be due to the age of the back boiler unit. Alternatively it could be the pump is not fuctioning correctly or not at all, in which case plenty of noise will be heard as the water won't be able to circulate around your system in the way that it should, the pump body will also become extremely hot.
Hope this helps.

Answered 21st Dec 2011


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could have been santa come down the chimney early ,no it sounds as if it were making contracting noises as it heated up

Answered 21st Dec 2011


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hi if you have an oil fired heating boiler this should be a totally separate system from your coal fired back boiler which should have been drained of all water and the heat exchanger drilled and drained this will allow you to use the fire on its own without the noise best have it checked before you use it again , steve

Answered 21st Dec 2011

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