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Extending 1st floor joists

Just looking for some advice please guys! Currently on with a single storey extension. The room currently has had a wall taken down by previous owner and a steel put in place to carry the floor joists above. I’m planning on opening up the wall that the steel sits into. So question is can I extend the joists and replace the steel 600/700mm further on, or would it mean leaving it where it is and bolting it to the new one in the opening? Just checking my options before builder gets back to me.

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I'd recommend seeking the advice of a structural engineer. You cant extend the joists if they're already bearing on a wall. Could you not have a longer steel put in place of the existing so as to widen the wall?


Answered 21st Nov 2017

Firstly don’t panic , find a reputable builder ( that may quote or invoice you for his time ) to view the situation . Check usuall web sites as to gain some knowledge of what’s to be done ( although not 100% guaranteed as every job may be different .
Other than that if the joists are short then fixing new joists to side of old joists running full length should suffice, but make sure they are braced or structurally supported in the middle ( by a steel beam )
Exposing all underside of joists is an advantage as you can clearly see what and where needs work .
Ps also a good excuse to insulate and keep house warm if required.


Answered 22nd Nov 2017

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