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Need to change pvc front door as it can't take lock that meets contents insurance criteria. no one wants to quote for just 1 door, must do windows and back door. can i replace pvc door with wood one?

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Yes you can but I would strongly recommend you look at a uPVC Composite door which basically looks like a wood door as in it is a solid slab and not a panel insert like your current door. They are also the problem free benefits of uPVC as hardwood doors can be troublesome and expensive. Top Spec composites come with Police accredited Locks and anti bump cylinders which will be recognised by the insurance company.


Answered 21st Dec 2011

Hi beverlyn,

I can't believe they won't do one door, I'm sure there is plenty of guys on here that would...

You can replace with a timber door(which is stronger anyway), but most insurance companies will require a 5 lever mortice dead lock to be fitted to meet their criteria...simple enough job to do though...If you manage to get a upvc double glazed door... as long as the door is less than half glass, you won't need a fensa certificate

Merry Xmas



Answered 21st Dec 2011

Hi,yes you can change the pvc for a wooden one but you may have to change the frame as well.

(Greengate Builders)


Answered 21st Dec 2011

yes you can replace with timber frame and door ,and fit security locks for insurance purposes 5 lever chub etc.


Answered 21st Dec 2011

Hello you don't need to get a new door just upgrade the locking mechanism


Answered 9th Mar 2017

most good quality upvc doors have multi point locking systems with ,dead lock, claws, and shoot bolts, these normaly exceed insurance requirements,check with insurance company, you could change the door for wood but would have to change the frame as well,then you could fit a 5 lever dead lock and hinge bolts.


Answered 21st Dec 2011

You can change the upvc door for a wooden one, but if you want to stick with upvc try the smaller window/door suppliers in your area.
I dont have a problem ordering single items, sounds like a ploy so you have all the windows done.
If its standard size, there are places like Wickes and Screwfix that stock them.
Failing all that, place your requirements on this site, under Post a Job.


Answered 21st Dec 2011

Get a composite door.


Answered 21st Dec 2011

Hi,you can replace your PVC door but that would require you replace your PVC door frame,catch 22 I'm afraid.On that note though you can change your search to maybe a carpenter who I would think would happily replace the PVC for you and supply door and frame,maybe this is a better option than having to pay out for front,back and windows to be changed which I find stupid but that's PVC for you totally rubbish all round,at least with timber you can repair or replace at any time no matter the part.

Kind regards
Chris spence


Answered 21st Dec 2011

Yes if you change the frame as well


Answered 21st Dec 2011

Why does no one want to quote you for one door? Yes you can change the PVC door for a wooden one but you will need to change the frame its hanging to aswell.


Answered 21st Dec 2011

would be easier to change insurance company lol


Answered 22nd Dec 2011

We could get you a quote for a single door including fitting if you let us know what it is your insurance company are specifying along with external measurements


Answered 15th Oct 2013

It is very unusual to not be able to get a lock that is insurance rated in a pvc door. Usually insurance ask for it to be to a certain standard E.G BS3621. Yuu can get Euro cylinders, 5 lever locks & Night latches to meet this standard or if it is a different standard please get in touch and i can talk you through with what you need as there may be the possibility of not having to change your door.



Answered 3rd Feb 2017

I would say that most upvc doors are fitted with a multi point locking bolts and hing bolts
Which exceed insurace needs supplied and fitted I would ring a good double glazing company and get them round to advise


Answered 4th Nov 2014

Hi there, I'm a independent service engineer, with 25 years experience, you can get a lock mech for your door, you need to take pictures of what lock you have, and try a lock mech company.


Answered 20th Sep 2018

Why can't you get the lock what is the reason any lock Smith will do your lock to needed requirements your bit far from me but there will be lock Smith in your area probably do your door in ten mins the won't do one door will be ploy to get you spend more.
But there's lock mechs and locks that will suit any door ,there's universal that fit any door


Answered 27th Sep 2020

Absolutely no need to go to the expense of changing the door.
A Upvc door CAN achieve British Standard.
Change the cylinder for a 3* BS version, or even better change the handles as well for 2* certified along with a 1* or 3* cylinder. All Upvc and composite doors have multi point locks, these with the above are more than acceptable for insurance companies.


Answered 15th Jan 2021

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