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Suspended timber floor or suspended concrete beam & block?

I'm trying to gauge if it's better to get a suspended concrete beam and block floor in my kitchen or a traditional suspended timber floor.

I currently have a suspended timber floor approx 0.6m above a crawlspace in my kitchen (dimensions are 5m x 3m approx, joists run across the 3m span).

The timber floor was very badly done however and is unstable and rotten. It needs removing and replacing and I'm wondering whether to go with (correctly done) timber again or beam and block.

In any case I intend to insulate, add airbricks and ventilation to the sub-floor etc. The walls are 9 inch solid walls (it's an old Victorian terrace).

There is good access to the kitchen round the side/back of the house and the room has a double door so easy for getting stuff in.

Can anyone advise as to what's best - a suspended concrete floor (beams, blocks and screed top layer if appropriate) or treated timbers in with herringbone struts, noggins, insulation etc? Is there a big price difference?

1 Answer from a MyBuilder Restoration & Refurb Specialist

I would use traditional timber joists , rather than block and beam.
The cost will be considerably less than block and beam , also much quicker.
It is important that the floor is ventilated as this will stop the timbers from sweating and then rotting.
Vents can be placed into the brickwork.

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Answered 21st Nov 2017

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