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Shold i leave my carpentry apprenticeship

have got a carpentry apprenticeship i have got a carpentry apprenticeship with a big company id like to know if would be with getting out of this apprenticeship because i don't think ill learn very much as from what i have seen all the work is easy and similar to flat pack stuff like the door lining come with hinges prehung and all you have to is screw on the doors there is lots of the same type with the way they build plus they pay the bear minimum they can £3:50 an hour they said in my interview it would go up to £5:60 then i tern 18 but i think this is a lie its a 4 year contact with them really i wanted to do domestic work but because i cant drive noone domestic would take me on i had been looking for a apprenticeship for like a year and half doing collage in the mean time before this come up so what would be best for to in the long run if need more info just ask

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Hi, from reading your post it seems to me that you are ambitious which is always a good thing however in the construction industry experience is key and I would advise you to keep your feet on the ground for the time being and liaise with the gaffer and more experienced members of the work force to demonstrate your communication skills and determination to succeed.
If this is a legitimate apprenticeship you will gain the qualifications and skills you will require to go forward.
Above all be assertive and polite to everyone you come into contact with as networking will play a big part in your progress in the industry.

All the very best for the future.

Kind regards

Jez Hanrahan

Answered 17th Nov 2017

Hanrahan Building & Landscaping

Member since 12 Jun 2017

Yes Hi there.
I totally agree with Jez you must give this apprenticeship time to settle down.
The 1st year is really simple and can be a bit boring and also there arent many companies out there offering apprenticeships so count your blessings and stick with it.
On site you will have to hang doors the traditional way and cut roofs on by hand along with fitting kitchens and making staircases etc.
You need to learn to do this properly and not pick up get around habits on site.
Im a lecturer and my nephew had the same scenario as you.
He now owns his own company and doing bespoke work and making a lot of money.
Yes you will have bad days at college but stick with it and good luck for your future.
Andy Herbert

Answered 20th Nov 2017

A.M.H.Quality Building.

Member since 18 Jul 2013

I agree with Jez and Andy - take your time it's all boring at the start my apprenticeship lasted 3 years and then I still had much to learn.

Answered 24th Nov 2017


Member since 24 Nov 2017

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Stick with it, If you miss your chance for an apprenticeship and you want any kind of qualification in the trade then you have to pay a lot of money for training later on. An apprenticeship (if done properly) will set you up for life.

Answered 12th Jan 2018

Wright Carpentry

Member since 12 Jan 2018

I would stick at it if I were you. There is always a trade off with apprentices and the company and it comes down to money. If you are relatively unskilled and you need lot of training and supervision then the work you can do is unlikely to make the company much money. As you get more skilled and can do more without supervision then you become more valuable. A good company will reward this by increasing your wages but it is often the case that the apprentice thinks they are worth more than the company does. In the end if you are time served you will earn good money for the rest of your working life. In the meantime there is nothing to stop you improving your skills on your own. At some point you will have to drive so why not start to learn now, even if you just do the theory and leave the expensive lessons until you have a bit more cash? There are also a lot of free online courses for English and maths. No one should ever stop learning how to improve these skills. Continuous personal educational development is really important if you aspire to have your own business or play a senior role in a company in the future.

Answered 30th Jan 2018

Anerley Construction

Member since 26 Jan 2018

I’d stick with it as it is very hard to find another apprenticeship and after your first year the money will surely go up.
I was in your position at my old company and when I was finally qualified I still didn’t feel like I could do everything and still had loads to learn afterwards but the qualification will definitely open doors for you as far as getting into a different company’s and you will be able to adapt the skills you already have to the way the new company does things.
Hope this helped.

Answered 12th Feb 2018

Elite Tiling and Bathrooms

Member since 12 Feb 2018

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