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Do i need to get my driveway done?

I have a shared driveway which has a few cracks which i think are filling up with rain water. We have noticed recently our downstairs bathroom has major condensation to the point where we have water trailing down the tiled wall. it has affected the flooring in the bathroom and the corridor. We took the flooring out in the bathroom to figure out if it was a leak. However, last weekend it rained and when we looked at the floor in the bathroom we noticed a puddle at the bottom. Hence, we think water is coming into our building via the crack in the driveway.

Would we need to fix the drive way which is actually a shared driveway or could we do something internally to protect our home?

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If your drive is too high ( above the damp course level) then the damp could be getting into house from this and drive would require lowering or some drain channeling put in. If not then the walls may need pointing/ waterproofing .


Answered 16th Nov 2017

Hi obviously if there is large cracks in your driveway it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get a new one laid but obviously it is a costly thing to do is but there is one thing you can do immediately If it’s really bad rain use sand bags to stop any more water coming but a cure is to make sure you have a gap between the driveway and house of at least 3 inches and fill it with gravel as it will drain of/stop the water before it gets to your house


Answered 16th Nov 2017

Hi I am james from jw Driveway and patio specialist if your on a budget the best way to fix this ako drains along front of house to catch the water at the point of problem and Chanel the Ako drains back to the mains ,of money isn't a problem look at getting some free quotes for new driveway 🙂Many thanks James .


Answered 16th Nov 2017

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