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Is there a problem with my household electrics (sockets) as i get a 'buzz' from my new fridge freezer, and noticed the tv does the same when not wearing rubber shoes?

It feels like a static/9-12v battery when touched. The fridge freezer is new, although has a european plug. The TV is new.

We're liklely going to get all the sockets tested as one was unsafe with suspect/dodgey wiring.


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This is very difficult to diagnose without seeing the problem and carrying out some tests, but it could well be a polarity or earthing issue at the sockets. So would strongly advise getting it checked out properly by an NICEIC registered electrician asap.


Answered 20th Dec 2011

Sounds like it would be prudent to test the whole installation- cost would be around £150-£200 in London


Answered 20th Dec 2011

Poor Cpc (earth) connections or not connected at all. Get a PIR report carried out!
A Jeavons Electrcial


Answered 20th Dec 2011

Sounds like your fridge freezer has a little bit of earth leakage and with it being a european plug top its more than likely only earthed at the fridge end and needs to be at both. Without the cpc connected to the to the rest of the installation the little bit of leakage you have has nowhere to return to. With fridges you have motors with lots of windings that have the possibility of generating a capacitance to earth. With "resonant" components, pariticularly for a "capacitor run" type of motor fitted in tumble dryers and fridge-freezers, you get increase in surges to earth. This is not uncommon with fridge freezers hence why they are always banging out rcds. Try changing the plug top, i cant see how it would be an issue with the actual install unless you are having shocks from other known metallic parts and items throughout the house. With regards to the tv you will probably find that is more than likely static build up on your part because the tv would be a class 2 piece of equipment.


Answered 24th Dec 2011

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