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In the winter we get a lot of moisture under our bay window in the living room. The walls are not cavity walls. The paint becomes crystallised and some mould forms and we have to wash the walls a lot. In the summer we dont have a problem? The wall was blown so we re plastered and wall papered but now the wall paper is peeling and has wet patches on them. Is this a damp problem or condensation? We desperately want to solve this problem but are worried about costs. Any advice greatly received.

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It sounds like a classic case of rising damp caused by a failing bitchumen damp course more than likely. It can be realtively easily fixed by chemically injecting a new dpc and applying a water repellant sand and cement based backing coat. this will cost aound £80 per metre treated. the crystallisation is actually salts being drawn from the sand in the mortar joints of the bricwork.;


Answered 28th Dec 2011

Hi, there are a few things for your to consider, is it internal cold spot causing condensation, or are there external factors? Consider external finish render? Painted? Well maintained? Broken paint or cracked? The windows are they letting water in are the sash, wooden well maintained? U Pvc well sealed?
Do you suffer anywhere else. Failing all that i would advise you seek independant advice from a specialist how can check meter reading levels and access it more closely of cousre we can help should you need it.


Answered 28th Dec 2011

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