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Sound proofing walls, will need trades person to do the job. what materials would i need ?

When using dot and dab to sound proof walls besides acoustic plaster boards (8ft high-4ft wide 15mm thick) bags dot and dab what other materials would I need for a trades person to do the job? Do I need anything to go in the gaps between or on the boards like a particular type of tape/ filler/ caulking to make it more sound proof? And what about the plaster board does it need a finish or a seal of any type before it can be wall papered over or can you paper directly on the board? Thanks

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Hi this is why you need a fully trained trades person to do this job. Because they know the answers to these questions. This needs someone who generally is a plasterer but specialises in sound proofing and better if that person has a musical background.
I'm a qualified plasterer that can install plaster boards correctly but you are wanting a specific soundproofing job which i personally wouldn't get involved in as i don't know what i'm doing.
Try asking on here or elsewhere for a 'plasterer who knows about soundproofing' you never know, good luck.


Answered 31st Oct 2017

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