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Dividing one flat into two

Right, firstly i'll do my best to explain the situation.

Two mid terraced houses (side by side) had their ground floors converted to shops the first floors of both were then knocked through to create a two bed flat with access via an alleyway, round the back, and up some exterioir fire escape type stairs.

I would like to convert the flat into two 1bed flats by bricking up where the party wall was knocked through and giving each flat its own front door (still via the steal stairs)

Hope that has made sense.

Do you think i have a good chance at getting planning permission to do this?

The current flat has electric and gas supply. How would i split these so that the new flats had their own metres and supply etc? Can this be done easily?

Would like to hear any general advice or things i should consider before listing jobs on this site.

Thanks for your time

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Good morning,

We have completed many similar projects but this kind of conversion does require planning, building regs etc and involves many different aspects.
Electric, gas supplies have to be separate, sound and fire proofing a major point, fire regs etc as well as many other things.
Having said that we do a lot of these projects which can be very profitable for the owner whether flats are to sold or let or a combination of these.
We completed a similar project recently. The owner decided to keep two flats and sell two which in fact funded the purchase and build cost so in effect ended up with two flats paid for and a good rental income.



Answered 9th May 2015

Coverting a house into two flats drags many regulations with it. My advice would be to get a competant surveyor to advise initially, and draw up plans for planning authorities and building control. We use a surveryor who is also a building inspector so we never have any problems, but this is unusual. You can make a lot of money doing this, but the cost of converting is higher than you would expect, certainly higher than renovating a single property.


Paul Albright


Answered 5th Jan 2012

Hi, the only place you can go to get correct planning advice will be your local authority as they are the ones making decisions and implementing law and policies - each council is also different. Some authorities have a restriction on creating new housing unless it can be demonstrated it is absolutely necessary, affordable housing, care facility etc. It will be worth asking if your authority has this restriction in place. I would also advise speaking to their building regs team due to the access issue via the stairs. They may require a wider staircase and landing with there being two dwellings at first floor level. The works you require can be done but you will need to also factor in building regs full plans application fees into your total cost.


Answered 23rd Dec 2011

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