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Apex differences and damp in loft

After a loft inspection we are told that there is a difference in the roof apex apparently it’s 18 degrees instead of 25 water is running the wrong way?.. and causing rain into loft which has some damp on inspection.
I don’t really understand the surveyors wording.

The property is 1820 stone cottage, it used to have a flat roof at the rear, approx 15yrs ago an extension was added at the rear and a apex roof.
All planning was carried out and signed off when extension completed.

My main concern is can this be rectified? And will it cost a fortune to put right?
We have a buyer for the cottage, who are thinking of pulling out of sale.
Maybe I should get a roof report done by a roofer for my own sanity.????
What is the worse case senario?
There is a roofer coming to investigate, should I get my own report done, and show to the pupossed buyers, before they pull out.
An6 advice greatly appreciated x

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your best bet is wait and see what your roofer says, anything can be fixed but without looking at the problem it is impossible to say what it will take to correct it,
cannot speak for your buyer but would assume the worse that they will pull out so it might be prudent to get this sorted before putting it back on the market.
most surveyors will err on the side of caution and take the view of the worst case scenario when writing their report. that way their is no come back on them if things turn out bad see what your roofer says then take from their.

good luck Alex.


Answered 25th Oct 2017

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