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Can we build an outbuilding with single brick ?

What is the best material to built the out building? Also I would like to know the cost for different types . The size of the outbuilding is 8m x 4.5 m(already got planning permission).
1) Single block with internal insulation
2) Cavity wall
3)Single brick with internal insulation (I dont know whether building control allow this).
Can any one please tell be the best option ?

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There are no hard and fast rules regarding construction methods for out buildings however you must consider structural stability. Single brick or block work walls will require piers at set intervals to help make the wall stable. You also need to consider the load the roof will exert. Also ,it is not uncommon for outbuildings to be built from timber and insulated so the options listed have now got a little longer. You should discuss with your client the intended use and any budget constraints as this will also be a factor. Good luck.


Answered 26th Oct 2017

If the outbuilding is to be an unheated space, then the most practical solution is a single block, laid flat (215mm wide). This will likely provide the structural integrity required.

If it is to be heated then an insulated timber frame is the best option. You will require a building warrant due to the size of the building (in Scotland you would anyway) and as part of that process you will require a structural engineer who will provide input on the structure.


Answered 14th Nov 2017

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