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Thanks for the replies re: plastic verges.
The reason I asked whether the concrete could be left is because we had them at a previous house and he removed the concrete.
This resulted in a much colder house and a noisey house which we do not want where we now live. The Builder also put vents in the soffits or barge boards, never know which is which, my husband covered them up!

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The vents would have been put in to allow air flow into your loft to stop the timbers rotting & perishing .you house needs to breathe if you seal it completely it will only cause bigger issues in the long term.


Answered 23rd Oct 2017

When fitting dry verge units that attach to your roof battens with screws so the mortar should always be taken out no way on now we’re to screw if mortar is left in they weren’t designed on going over mortar as for you vents that is to put a air flow in you loft place so doesn't cause any condensation or damp issue hope this helps you


Answered 23rd Oct 2017

It all depends on what type of felt has been used as an underlay for the roof if it's the old type felt 1f formed from bitumen I'd put soffit vents plus eaves to ridge vents if it's breathable membrane I'd be much more relaxed and do without vents building control go over the top sometimes but saying that It all depends on what usage the top floor is gètting


Answered 25th Oct 2017

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