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My old washing machine is hard wired into the wall. is it a complicated/difficult job to fit a new socket?

the new socket is so that my new washing machine can be plumbed in. how long would it take?

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Not really. Its quite a straightforward job. The power should be turned off at the fusebox first so its safe to work on and then the switched fused spur thats there already can be unscrewed from the wall and the washing machine cable removed. The mains wiring - Live (Red or Brown) wires and the Neutral (Black or Blue) wires can then be removed from their respective terminals and then reconnected to the corresponding L & N terminals on the new socket. The green and yellow wire is the CPC (Earth) and goes to the earthing terminal on the socket. Once securely connected up, the new socket can be screwed back into place. All in all 10 - 15 minutes job. If in any doubt get an electrician to do it for you, its often cheaper than you think.

Answered 17th Dec 2011

Electrical Safety Services

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no not complicated but you need to know about electrics and should be left to a competant tradesman.why do you not just rewire your new one into the fixed point as the old one is, as it is the correct way.

Answered 17th Dec 2011

crest installations and maintenance services

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Very easy. would take a competent person 10mins to do

Answered 5th Jan 2012

TJS Electrical Services

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Hi. Where is the existing washing machine connected and why can't the same feed be reused? Really a washing machine should have a socket to connect to that has an isolation point that is accessible. If there are other sockets close by it should be fairly straight forward but it depends on things like the finishes- are the walls tiled,is it a granite worktop? There are so many variables that it is hard to give a definitive answer. List the job and get a local part p electrician to do it for you.

Good luck


Answered 17th Dec 2011

ICM Electrical Services Limited

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in a word no its not difficult .If all bonding and mains earth is to 17th edition regulations then it is simply a case of a switched fused spur off an existing socket outlet if that socket is not itself a spur . If this spur is labelled as a specific appliance switch then you dont need an rcd coverage to comply with the regulations .

Answered 17th Dec 2011


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Would take about 5 mins, the hard wiring is the same as wiring a plug

Answered 18th Dec 2011

House Doctors

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Its a 10 min job for an electrician

Answered 17th Dec 2011

m w building construction and property maintenance

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Hi , no not difficult to do but the right socket and connections need to be done correctly as a washing machine draws a lot of power.
If you need it done post as a job on here and an electrician could do this for a small fee I'm sure.
Hope this helps

Answered 17th Dec 2011


Member since 8 Oct 2008

Hi !!!

It is not complicated to fit new socket , 1 hour job

How many you charge for this 10 min job m w building construcion and property maintenance???????


Answered 19th Dec 2011


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