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i am havin my 3bed hse repainted and 3bedrooms papered with feature wall and hardtex ceilin skimmed. shud a decorator prepare walls n ceilings. also shud any money be exchanged before the job.e

I am having 3 bedrooms papered with one feature wall but most of the walls are lumpy sum with small dents in am also having 4 internal door painted a staircase stripped an repainted and handrail varnished what is prep for this. also havin various finishin with mastic to bathroom on tiled floor and walls again i just need to mke sure i dont get a bad job done as i have done previously many times. any advice to help me make sure i select a decent decorator/builder so that the materials are correct etc would be much apreciated

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You should be looking at getting at least 3 quotes. Get good decorators from this site to pop round and then spend plenty of time discusing what you want with them.
Most good decorators will thoroughly prep all surfaces without a second thought.. I have heard in some cases decorating companys that charge extra for preperation work, believe it or not!!!
Regards to the staircase, if its white and staying white then no need to strip it right back to bare wood.
You should be looking at getting a full written quote with a discription of everything that the person will be doing.

As with your concern with paying any money up front, some trades take a deposit and others don't... just ask the trade you hire!
In our case we don't unless we're to supply a huge amount of materials. If the jobs more time than materials and will run for a number of weeks, we'll often set up a part payment to be made during the job.

Good luck.


Answered 16th Dec 2011


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Best thing to do is discuss with each decorator at the quotation stage what they will be doing to prepare and give a high finish,
Ask for their advice on what is best practice, Ask what materials they will be using and can they provide receipts if the costs are included in the quoted price.
It is difficult to say what preperation is required without seeing the property.
If you ask the right questions and make the decorator aware you want to achieve a high end finish, you can determine whether or not the tradesmen will be suitable for the job,
If a deposit is required , I ask for no more than the cost of the materials i am buying , Also i would not take any of this until the 2nd day into the job at the earliest , that way you have a days labour out it plus your materials so you should never be out of pocket in reality. It is unreasonable for a customer to expect the decorator to pay out of his own pocket for your materials, you will no doubt save money anyway as we get our materials at trade prices rather than retail price.
Hope this advice helps, and dont be afraid to ask questions.
Good luck,

Answered 16th Dec 2011

OTT Property Services

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post your job on this site and get someone with feedback so you can see what type of job they have done for other people,
as you are picking the paper /tiles/paint these I would expect you to purchase so you get the colour and types that you want.
the rest would expect the builder /decorator to suppy as their is very little outlay on the builder/decorators part their should be no need for any money up front and should be payed for once the job is completed and everyone is happy.

best of luck alex

Answered 16th Dec 2011

ADR Property Maintenance

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Hi I am a painter and decorator and OTT Prop Services have it about right,in the current ecomony all the rades seem to forget that painter and decorators materials have had more rises per item than all the construction trades together,we have had 3 paint rises alone this past year and the last one was 12%.
Now for big companies it is financially ok for them to say pay at the end of the job,but do you want 5 men in your house all good at everything bar the job there doing,or do you want a single or double team who are more likely to be time served,Dulux select,PDA or City and Guilds registered and more likely to give you a much better job.
But with this the norm is to pay 25% of the complete quotation up front for materials etc, now this exchange is between you and the decorator you choose has you should be aware of his credentials and if he is worth is salt he will provide you with these along with a written receipt and contract of works,which is what you should sit down and agree about what work is to be done etc and only work contracted will be payed for.
Remember it works both ways you can rip your decorator off as well he you and believe me this year alone I've been taken for 1750 by I now don't work at all until I get the 25% and a signed contract up front.
Take it from me if you want the best out of your decoration it costs nothing to be genuine and polite, some customers think they can treat you like a door matt as soon as you start work.and nine times out of ten this will be the cause of relansionship breakdown between client and decorator, unless he is an out and out cowboy which you should see coming has they never have the tools for the job and very little knowledge.i have 53 paintbrushes and 12 different rolling frames and 4 boxes of sundries which I take on every job big or small because decoration is diverse.
There are lots of decorators but few who love what they do but be assured you will know the right one when you meet him,so take your time and use the initive you used to ask your question.
All the best
Chris spence

Answered 17th Dec 2011

Bright Painting & Decorating Services

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Always go with a company that has been recommended, we often take our clients to our previous projects to show them the quality of the work.

We always take a 3rd deposit and no more until the job is completed to satisfaction.

Answered 18th Dec 2011

HD Design and Build

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